Our Charity Work

Peter, our Principal Dentist, has always had an interest in voluntary work. In the past he has worked in India, Guyana, and Trinidad. For the last six years he has worked in Kenya.

In Kenya, dentistry is only available in large cities, so villagers with no means of transport don’t get the treatment they need to maintain basic levels of oral health. Peter and his team, which includes practice manager Kelly and nurses Alison and Clare, work with other dental volunteers to establish makeshift clinics in schools across the Maasai Mara and the Rift Valley. On their last visit, they treated over 1,000 people in 11 days.

You can read more about their latest trip here and browse the photos below. If you’re a dental professional interested in getting involved, please contact us on 01793 433381.

  • Woman with scarf around head
  • Man looking in childs mouth with torch
  • Woman smiling
  • Brown truck with woman
  • Group picture people helping
  • Dentists checking patient
  • Dentist room with patients
  • Dentists helping patient
  • Dentists helping patient looking in patients mouth
  • Dentists and child sat by brown truck
  • Dentist and man smiling
  • Dentist and man looking at patient
  • Dentist and man helping patient
  • Dentist helping patient looking in mouth
  • People helping patient
  • People surrounding patient